Poltava. The small town with its charm and duende. With a great history and culture. Visitors notice coziness of our city, lots of greenery and flowers in the streets and hospitality of people.

Many of you, while accepting non-resident (sometimes foreign) guests, asked yourself the question: “Where can we go for a tasty meal?”.

For this case we’ve prepared an article for you about five places where you can go. All restaurants were selected according to the following criteria: national character, delicious cuisine, good service and a pleasant atmosphere.

Restaurant “Kozachka”

Adress: Nebesnoj Sotni, 34a
Working hours: 12.00-23.00

This restaurant has a large area, which is buried in flowers and greenery. Your guests will walk with pleasure and take photos while the dishes you ordered are prepared. Restaurant “Kozachka” has a spacious room – for 100 seats. But if you want to spend time in a more relaxed environment – you can find small stylized Ukrainian houses.

Restaurant “Kozachka”

Restaurant “Kozachka” Poltava

Terrace is working during summer.  The variety of dishes is impressive. We advise you to pay attention to those that are cooked in tandyr.

Restaurant “Kozachka” Poltava meal fish Restaurant “Kozachka” Poltava meal

Komora (Dumpling’s Manufactory)

Adress: Pylypa Orlyka, 29
Working hours: 9.00-22.00

History says that “Galushechnaya Manufaktura” was founded by Stepan Galushka. He collected the best dumpling’s recipes, which are prepared at the open kitchen. You can be sure in the quality and freshness of the prepared dishes. Especially attentive guests will look at all the stages of cooking dumplings.

komora poltava restaurants

In a small room, there are so many interesting details, so do not hide your cameras far away.

komora food poltava travel

“Komora” positions itself as fast-casual restaurant, which involves self-service, very democratic prices and a small menu.

Tavern “4 Bastion”

Adress: Sobornosty, 50
Working hours: 10.00-23.00

This thematic cafe has two cozy halls. You will be transferred several centuries ago and feel yourself a participant of the Poltava Battle. You can find here soldier’s costume, a map of the battle and a large panorama of military operations in the whole wall, against which you will get excellent pictures! In the interior you will find pictures of ancient Poltava, many antiques.

Tavern “4 Bastion” Poltava

At the “Bastion” they cook delicious dumplings. In addition to popular chicken dumplings, meat and liver, they also cook dumplings with rabbit meat. We recommend you to order a baked ham (for choice: pork, veal or turkey).

Tavern “4 Bastion” Poltava

The dish is cooked for a small company, served on a cast-iron frying pan with potatoes and homemade pickles. Plus a nice bonus – 2 glasses of beer as a gift!

Restaurant “Lileya”

Adress: Sobornyj Maidan, 2
Working hours: 12.00-23.00
(0532) 560003

This restaurant has a very good location – near many historical sights. After visiting them you will definitely want to refresh yourself. Luxurious facade and no less luxurious interior, several rooms – a large banquet, karaoke, oriental.

Restaurant “Lileya” Poltava

If the weather does not fail – we advise you to sit on the terrace for the breathtaking view of the city.

The menu will not disappoint you. A good choice of dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisines.

Restaurant “Lileya” Poltava fish

Restaurant “Lileya” Poltava salad

Lileya Poltava

Please note that a trip to the restaurant involves a dress code, so a comfortable touristic sportswear you will have to leave at the hotel.

Art coffee shop “100 dorih”

Adress: Pylypa Orlyka, 18
Working hours: 10.00-22.00

This small cozy coffee shop located just behind Sunny Park in a pretty, gently-blue house. We advise you to come here after your gastro route to drink all the dumplings eaten with aromatic tea or coffee. This coffee shop is remarkable for the fact that exhibitions of local artists often take place here. So you will have the opportunity to get familiar with the cultural part of Poltava, and the art works you like can be purchased at an adequate price. Also you can buy here souvenirs and ceramics.

Art coffee shop “100 dorih” Art coffee shop “100 dorih”

We hope this article will help you to get to know Poltava from the delicious side.

Maryna Pushkarova